Robby’s Senior Portraits | Milton, WI High School Senior Photographer

Like many of the senior guys I photograph Robby didn’t really want his photos taken so we compromised on doing his yearbook portrait & some images at the tennis courts.  Like most yearbook portraits it was in & out quickly with a few photos to choose from but the night we photographed him at the tennis courts was a bit interesting.  The weather was not super cooperative as it was windy, rainy & cloudy, now I don’t mind a bit of wind & clouds because that can make for some great dramatic photos but the rain can be a problem.  I like to bring my studio lights on location with me so I can control the light that falls on the subject & I can control the amount of light on the background but when its rainy that can mess with the electronics of the light which is not cool.  Luckily the rain stopped in time for the session but the wind proved to be a bit of a problem as it knocked my light to the ground.  Thankfully it didn’t quit working on me until the next day so we were able to create some amazing portraits of Robby.

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