Romy & I met at Tallgrass Prairie Restoration for her senior portraits in June & she really shined in this yellow dress!  While there we walked around the property & got a few lovely images. Then I had her changes clothes to do a few photos with her beautiful boots! After the prairie we went over to Storr’s Lake in Milton for  some photos in the water. The next day we meet in the studio for a few more photos. Graduating in  2019 & want photos as unique as you?  Contact us today to schedule your session with SMR Photography!

To say that photographing this kid makes me feel old is a bit of an understatement.  Year by year we get older but we don’t always realize it until we have to do the math, like I’ve been roller skating since I was 7 which was “oh crap I’m that old many years ago”.  Well with this guy it was his mom, a good friend of mine in high school, who was pregnant with him OUR senior year of high school that put the oh crap I’m old enough that from here on out these “kids” I’m photographing could be mine.  Insert mind blown emoji.  Like most guys Carter wasn’t into having his photo taken but I told him where to go & what to do & he did awesome.  I also tell my senior guys that I try & make it quick & painless & by the end of their session they are having fun.

Graduating in  2019 & want photos as unique as you?  Contact us today to schedule your session with SMR Photography!

I love when my friends have babies because then I get to cuddle them & take their portraits!  I have known this mom for longer than I care to think about, like over 20 years, because when you do math & realize your old its no fun.

baby girl, newborn, pink, flowerBut when your friend has her frist girl after 3 boys you just have to photograph her on pink! baby girl, newborn, rainbow baby, pinkPlus her Birthday was just after Easter you have to do a few spring photos too. baby girl, newborn, pink, ruffle bunny, flowers, crown baby girl, bunny, rabbit, pink, flowersLike I said with 3 older brothers you have to do something fun for them!  They all love her so much & each took turns holding her for photos. 3 boys 1 girl, big brothers with nerf guns, older siblingsTo schedule your newest arrivals portraits contact us today!

I have been seeing these type of session in the last few years & decided I needed to try it with my daughter.

Glitter SessionThen I decided I needed to try it with a few more girls, so with the help of my local Mom’s Club we had a few girls come out & get messy.

So Now I am offering these limited session March 18th & 23rd this spring.  The session is $50 with products & packages starting at $50.  We have a large selection of dresses, size 6 month up to size 10 & also a few tulle skirts for teen girls as well as a large selection of hair accessories.  To book your session please contact us at 608-449-3046.

When Tyler’s mom called to book his session she mentioned that he may not want more then just the yearbook but he may want some near a red barn.  I was surprised when  Tyler & his mom came for his session that Tyler was willing to do a bit more.  After we did a few shots for the yearbook we then went outside my studio to my Husbands old jeep, one of those I really want to fix this up projects that turns into I either don’t have the time or the money so I’ll just let it sit here until I do & in the mean time it makes for a great prop, because as it turns out Tyler likes working on cars & getting dirty.  After that we went down the road to Tallgrass Prairie Restoration, I love this place because it is so close but offers a great variety of shooting areas, for a few images.

senior guy, yearbook, jeep, barn, stone wallGraduating in  2019 & want photos as unique as you?  Contact us today to schedule your session with SMR Photography!