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NI7A9853smrShannon Schaapveld is a native of southern Wisconsin, with a love and passion for photography.  Since she received her first camera at the age of 7 she has been off and running, with pictures trailing behind her.  After working for the Wal-Mart portrait studios Shannon enrolled at the Hallmark Institute of Photography in Turners Falls, MA, graduating in 2004.  While at school Shannon learned how to improve her photography skills by taking pictures of practically every object and person both young and old.  Upon graduation Shannon started work for Nasco International in Fort Atkinson, WI, taking product photos for their many catalogs.  While there Shannon honed her photography skills while shooting a wide variety of products & people.  After leaving in 2012 Shannon concentrated on her passion for photographing people & turned her eye onto her business SMR Photography which she operates in Milton, WI.  Shannon enjoys taking pictures of the people she loves and also the people whom she has only just meet. Shannon lives with her husband Matt, her kids, Henrick & Amelia,  Holly their cat & Hazel their rabbit.

SMR Photography started in 2004 by Shannon Schaapveld as a part time business. Since then it has grown into something wonderful. In early 2010 Shannon moved her studio out of Janesville and into her new home in Milton. Here she has more space for a full service studio, including being able to photograph larger items like motorcycles & ATV’s, and plenty of outdoor space as well. Shannon started out taking family photos every year for her Mother’s Christmas letters & now enjoys photographing others’ families & events. In 2012 Shannon left her full time job to grow her studio even more by photographing clients’ special moments & their little bundles. Please call today to set up your free portrait consultation.

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