Steven’s Senior Portraits | Milton, WI High School Senior Photographer

I can always tell when a parent is calling for info & to book a senior session for their first time because I get to walk them through the whole process.  From booking the session, to finding out their child’s interests & ideas for session locations, to what happens after the session with the images & ordering.  When Steven’s mom called she mentioned his involvement in Show Choir at Milton High School so I suggested doing part of his session on the stage & in the auditorium.  After Steven heard the idea he was very excited to book his session, cause like most senior guy’s they don’t like the idea of spending anytime in front of the camera which is why I like to involve their interests in their session.  So for the first part of Steven’s session we meet at the schools auditorium after school & got some great shots & found out he just auditioned & got a part in the schools upcoming play, A Christmas Carol.

Steven in AuditoriumFor the second phase of Steven’s session we meet at the studio later that day for his yearbook photo & to get a few shots of him outside our studio to show off his love of travel.

Steven outside of studioGraduating in 2015 or 2016 & looking for a photographer? Contact me for more info & to book your session.

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