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I took these images for my parents 2 years ago & never got around to blogging about them, stupid I know but I don’t always know what to say.  This car is a 1972 AMC Javelin & one day it will be mine (sorry to break it to my siblings but it’s mine!).  My dad bought it before he married my mom & they drove it to Disney World for their honeymoon in 1979.  When I was young, so young I don’t remember any of it, my dad would take it to car shows for people to look at & oh & ah over it.  After many years, 4 kids & a number of moves the javelin was put in the garage as a great place to hid Christmas presents from said children.  It sat under a blue trap for far too many years waiting for a little love & some attention.  Finally after most of the kids moved out, got married & started having our own kids my dad finally had some money saved & wanted to fix up the car.  After countless searches on the internet trying to find a place to fix up his baby, a place that could do great body work as well as engine & transmission repair.  He found Midwest Muscle Car Restoration,,  in Allentown, WI.  They came to took a look at the car & talk about everything that needed to be done.  When they came back a few weeks later to take the car to their shop my parents garage looked so empty as the car had sat there for over 20 years.  After months & months of extensive repairs, restorations & modifications the car was finished almost 1 year after it started.  So after it was completed my parents & I knew we needed to use the car for their annual Christmas Card, I mean my mom sends out 65 to family & friends all over the world along with a letter that talks about the highlights of their year from trips, moves, to new grandkids.  After scouring the Janesville area for a place to photograph the car I finally decided on an area near an old warehouse that was nice & shady so we could show off the awesome paint job.  Here’s hoping I get to drive the car some of these days.


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