I don’t really have to many words for this session.  I was contacted by a friend of Brandon’s who is kind of like a father figure for him.  He had lots of ideas for this session including their love of sports, sports memorabilia & motorcycles.  Brandon’s friend is part of a local Harley Davidson group & wanted to include his motorcycle in some images as well.  So we started off Brandon’s session in the studio with him in a suit for some more traditional portraits. Senior guy, yearbook photo, suitWhich then led to some images with his official Chicago White Sox uniform & learning how to properly hold a baseball. senior guy, baseball, white soxFollowed by a couple images in his official Green Bay Packers uniform. Senior guy, football, green bay packersLastly we traveled down to Janesville just as the sun was going down to the Boardtracker Harley-Davidson for a few images in front of the store. Senior guy, motorcycle, harley davidsonGraduating in  2019 & want photos as unique as you?  Contact us today to schedule your session with SMR Photography!

I follow a lot of photographers on Facebook & get ideas from them, I’ve been seeing a lot of sports images using a fog machine lately so I decided I needed one to play with.  When talking to Tiegue I mentioned this & showed her a few samples & she was so excited.  So I practiced with my son the day before because I wanted to know what I was in for with using the fog machine & to see how foggy things would get, my small space gets real foggy but it is so worth it.  So for her session we did her yearbook photo to start then a few shots in her volleyball uniform before we started playing in fog.  I can not recommend a fog machine enough, if your a photographer & thinking about stepping up your sports portraits it’s totally worth it.  While it has been a bit of a learning curve as to where to place it, how often to run it & how foggy it leaves my studio when we’re done it gives such a cool effect to portraits!  Thanks for being my guinea pig Tiegue!

Senior girl, yearbook, volleyball, fog, locker room, basketball, jerseys, letterman jacketGraduating in 2018 or 2019 & want photos as unique as you?  Contact us today to schedule your session with SMR Photography!

When Rebecca’s mom called to schedule a session & she mentioned her daughter is in show choir & preforms in the school plays & musicals I suggested we photograph her in the auditorium.  After figuring out how to turn on lights & how to work the curtain we made the most of it!  Senior Girl, theater, drama, curtains, stageOnce we finished our fun in the auditorium we made our way next door to a field of wildflowers next to the school & included her pup dressed in his finest bow tie.  We continued Rebecca’s session in the studio with her yearbook photo & a photo in her favorite hand me down sweater that her grandmother was photographed in too.  Lastly we captured a few images of her in her prom dress.  After her session Rebecca’s mom had a hard time narrowing down her favorite 12 images! Senior girl, field, with her dog, yearbook photo, prom dressGraduating in 2018 or 2019 & want photos as unique as you?  Contact us today to schedule your session with SMR Photography!

Like many of the senior guys I photograph Robby didn’t really want his photos taken so we compromised on doing his yearbook portrait & some images at the tennis courts.  Like most yearbook portraits it was in & out quickly with a few photos to choose from but the night we photographed him at the tennis courts was a bit interesting.  The weather was not super cooperative as it was windy, rainy & cloudy, now I don’t mind a bit of wind & clouds because that can make for some great dramatic photos but the rain can be a problem.  I like to bring my studio lights on location with me so I can control the light that falls on the subject & I can control the amount of light on the background but when its rainy that can mess with the electronics of the light which is not cool.  Luckily the rain stopped in time for the session but the wind proved to be a bit of a problem as it knocked my light to the ground.  Thankfully it didn’t quit working on me until the next day so we were able to create some amazing portraits of Robby.

senior guy, yearbook photo, tennis, tennis court, letterman jacket, tennis racketGraduating in 2018 or 2019 & want photos as unique as you?  Contact us today to schedule your session with SMR Photography!

When Ben’s mom contacted me about photographing his senior portraits she wasn’t sure how much he would really want to do as far as outfits & locations.  I always like to ask if they are in any sports or have any hobbies or interests because sometimes they can end up leading me to fun & different locations.  Originally we planned to do something along a nature trail & creek but Ben called me a few hours before his session & had a location idea of the lower part of a train trestle & I was intrigued.  So we meet along part of the bike trail in Janesville & Ben led me to this location.

senior guy, train trestle, graffiti, parking garage ,motorcycle, downtown Janesville, WII was a little afraid of falling but he had no fear & had explored this area a few times with friends.  And behind us was this cool area with graffiti on the brick walls.  Afterwards we went to the parking garage in downtown Janesville for a few shots with his motorcycle & of downtown.  The next morning we met back at my studio for the yearbook photo & a few more casual photos in my studio. Senior guy, casual, red chair, brick wall, hawaiian shirtGraduating in 2018 or 2019 & want photos as unique as you?  Contact us today to schedule your session with SMR Photography!