Courtney’s Senior Portraits | Janesville, WI High School Photographer

When Courtney’s mom contacted me & said her daughter had lots of ideas for pictures but wasn’t around to talk about those ideas I suggested getting together for a session consultation.  So we meet at my studio on a Friday in July to talk about what I offered as far as sessions & products then we talked about what Courtney had in mind for photos & we planned out where & we when could do them.  Almost a month later we meet on a Wednesday evening at the Janesville Youth Sports Complex’s Softball field where we did some photos in the dug out, with her at the plate & then switched to a different diamond for her at second base to show off that gorgeous sunset.

senior girl, softball, dug out, second base, sunsetThen since she brought her prom dress I had her change & do some more photos at second base & in the dug out.senior girl, prom dress, 2018 graduate, softball, dug out, second base, sunsetThe next day she woke up right when she was supposed to be at my studio for photos & luckily for both of us I had some time before my next session.  So she got ready & made her way from Beloit up to my studio outside of Milton.  During the consultation I found out her favorite color is blue so I picked out a chair to use during her session.senior girl, yearbook photo, blue chair, brick wallThen she changed into her uniform again & we did some fun shots in the studio.  We also decided I needed to try out my fog machine I recently purchased & boy is it fun but it sure doesn’t take much to fill my studio up with fog!senior girl, softball, fogLater that evening after a poorly timed rain shower we meet back up at Turtle Creek near Shopiere, WI for some more photos & we had to include her truck!  Lastly we drove east a bit to her Aunt’s house & used the creek access to finish off her session.senior girl, outdoors, truck, bridge, flowers, water, chairGraduating in 2018 & want photos as unique as you?  Contact us today to schedule your session with SMR Photography!

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