Suzie’s Senior Portraits | Milton, WI High School Senior Photographer

When parents call to book their child’s High School Senior Portraits I always ask where they’d like to go for their location. I give the parent a variety of choices but say its their child’s choice, I want them to be happy with the location.  I’m lucky because just down the road from my studio is Tallgrass Restoration & Prairie & they allow me to photograph clients at their location.  I also explain that the location portion is best early in the morning or late in the day due to the position of the sun.  I was happy when Suzie choose a Monday session but not so thrilled about the 8 am start time cause lets face it who wants to be up earlier then they have to especially on a Monday, but Suzie rocked it like a champ!

For the remainder of her session we had fun in the studio, she brought her guitar & a couple of outfits & loved my chaise settee so we had to get a few shots on that too.

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