2015 Senior Reps

The SMR Photography Model Program is a way for high school seniors to earn discounts on their senior portraits.

You don’t have to be a perfect model size or look like a model to get in. We base our decision on personality, involvement and eagerness to be active in the program. We are looking for individuals who truly appreciate the SMR quality. Remember, only a limited number of Models are accepted into the program. Here are the details:

1- 45 minute bonus model session done before April 3oth.
2- Designer Rep Cards – 25 custom designed cards with your name and image to get you started. Let’s hope you need more!
3- Website, postcards, brochures, Facebook, Instagram are some of the places in which you may appear.
4- You will receive a cool video slide show and two images to use in social media.
5- For every rep card or coupon code redeemed from your friends, you will receive $50 off your final portrait order. Your friend will receive $25 toward their session fee. Valid one card per senior per session. Coupon code must be mentioned when your referral schedules their session.

To sign up click here & fill out the application.


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