Andrew’s mom contacted me earlier this summer about scheduling her youngest son’s senior photos after photographing her eldest a few years ago.  We had to schedule it before the fair as he would be busy all week showing animals & helping out.  Then with storm’s possible on the day of his outdoor portion we decided to do them the night before his studio portion.  I meet them at their home & we did some photos in their backyard & just down the road at a barn with cows. Senior guy, farm, country, barn, corn field, wood pileThe next morning we meet at my studio for the yearbook headshot & a few more casual photos with some of my backgrounds & chairs.  When I first meet him he jokingly referred to himself as “The Masterpiece” & we had fun making him live up to that nickname! Senior guy, headshot, brick wall, warehouse, yellow chair, old deskGraduating in 2018 & want photos as unique as you?  Contact us today to schedule your session with SMR Photography!


I love when seniors call with an idea because otherwise I feel I do the same thing every time.  When Calli called she knew she wanted to do an hour on location & she wanted to incorporate balloons!  My first thought was the parking garage in downtown Janesville with the view of the city that would be fun & after looking at my schedule I found the week of the Rock County Fair was open & balloons screamed fair & rides to me too!  So we booked the inside portion for earlier in the day & the outside portion for the following day but with rain in the forecast we changed it to that evening.  We had fun in the studio with some new lighting equipment & even paid tribute to her Grandfather & their love for the Steeler’s.

senior girl, steelers, grandpa, headshot, brick wall

I meet Calli & her Grandmother that evening at the parking garage downtown Janesville & we did some fun photos both in the garage & on top.  We even had to do a few images to pay homage to her long career as a cheerleader & her letterman’s jacket.  I’m still impressed with how high she can jump being so petite! Senior girl, balloons, parking garage, cheerleading, skyline, brick wallWhen we finished downtown we stopped at the Rock County Fair to do a few more photos with her balloons on the carousel & along the fairway.  We even had to get some cotton candy while we were there too! Senior girl, balloons, county fair, carousel, cotton candy, carnivalGraduating in 2018 & want photos as unique as you?  Contact us today to schedule your session with SMR Photography!


When Jacob’s mom first contacted me she mentioned that he liked to hunt & fish & I got a little excited because this was something I had not photographed before but have seen other photographers do awesome things with it.  I asked if he had a favorite place to do these at because most people go to the same spots & found out their family has a cabin on the nearby lake.  We started his session at their cabin with his fishing pole & a few casual images.

Then we loaded up his truck with hunting gear & drove to a local spot for some duck hunting photos.  While this isn’t the spot he normally hunts it worked great for photos.  I even had him move his truck for a photo with it too, I mean with that sky I couldn’t resist. The next day we had Jacob come into the studio for his yearbook photo & another casual outfit.  I always like to ask the guys after the session if they enjoyed it & surprisingly they all say yes.  Seeing as most parents are worried when booking their son’s session because they don’t like the idea of having their photo taken but I always like to showcase their interests to make the session about them.

Senior Guy, brick wall, old desk chair, senior portraitGraduating in 2018 & want photos as unique as you?  Contact us today to schedule your session with SMR Photography!


I must admit I get a lot of moms who call about their son’s senior portraits where they don’t want a full session because they don’t like having their photo taken.  I get it not everyone is comfortable in front of camera held by someone they have never met before.  That was the case with Austen, so I suggested my mini session to his mom.  Its a 45 minute session done at & around my studio & its perfect because we have enough time to do some fun things & they realize its not as bad as they think its going to be so it goes by quick.  We even got a few photos with his dog outside the studio & a few of Austen smiling as its something that doesn’t come to easy for him. Are you graduating in 2018 & looking for Senior photos as unique as you, contact me to book your session today!

I was so excited when I got the call from Payton’s mom about photographing for her first year portraits.  You forget how quickly a year goes by & how quickly a baby grows.  I had the pleasure of photographing this little lady when she was about a month old & now she’s one!  We started her session off by doing a few posed images, she wasn’t too sure of me & she really just wanted to explore my studio because what one year old wouldn’t want to find all the fun things to play with.

I always like to finish with the cake smash because its the messiest, I also like to ask if there is a theme for their party & I had way to much fun finding decorations for a twinkle twinkle little star themed smash.  While Payton was a little hesitant at first she got a little more interested once she stepped in it, her parents decided to get into a few & help her eat the delicious cake from Cakes by Shelia!

Is your little one growing too fast, let me help by documenting their growth & celebrate their birthday.  Contact me today to schedule your session.